A message to Wendy

I think this is self explanatory


This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Thu 21/03/2019 02:18
Wendy Price;
Martin Hender
It is 2am but I need to write this.
I have just awoken from a dream.
Martin and I were with friends. He said that he had noticed that Dad had been acting very strange and we sat down to talk about it very friendly. I was just about to say that I had tried to tell him for years but I then woke up.
Dreams are sometimes for a purpose but I do not know what that purpose is. I have tried to tell Martin for years that Dad has been sick and irrational but he has refused to listen but has benefited greatly from his inaction.
I have put out olive branches and tried to understand HIS behaviour. I have tried to be contrite if that is the right word but with no success.
If Martin puts away his ego for a minute, is he actually scared? He has had to rely on Dad far more than I have and I am not talking about money but his judgement has been swayed by the love of money and his self interest.
I am taking this very unusual step of copying in Martin and, if possible, I would like your reply to be to the two of us. You know how the brain ticks and you know how I tick.
All I have ever wanted is fairness and to get to the bottom of the Verity thing; it has consumed me and you know that. The anymosity between Dad and I and the Verity thing has destroyed my life and I want my life back.
I have used my blog to describe my pain and to force people to understand and to change their behaviour towards me.
Is Martin really scared and has put his head in the sand because he cannot deal with it and has used the money as a drug to put his mind off of it? Was he really scared about not being there for Mum? I tried to understand that too but he just shunned me away and threatened me. Is fear what it is all about? Is fear what it has always been about?
Mum’s illness got so bad that he was forced to confront it with Dad and myself. Was Dad scared too and was that why he kept on putting off the right decision for Mum until it was nearly too late, causing him to have heart issues? I could see what was actually going on but neither of them would agree with me and just fobbed me off and that really hurt me. I was not being listened to and history is repeating itself with everyone clubbing together against me?
If you cannot cc him in, I will forward it to him when I get a reply and Verity too.
There has been a lot of hurt directed at me and you know how much damage has been done to me but if this is the start of the beginning, then maybe we can resolve everything and I can start to rebuild my life again elsewhere.

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