Air Crash Investigation and the NTSB

I said from the beginning that this would be an eclectic blog.

I have started watching Air Crash Investigation again and something has started to shout out at me.

I believe that this programme is actually being funded by Boeing through a variety of dummy companies.

Whenever there is a crash involving a Boeing aircraft, Boeing investigators are ALWAYS on scene but when it involves other aircraft manufacturers, they are nowhere to be seen.

I allege that Boeing are using this programme to justify and possibly amend the series of events that caused one of their aircraft to crash so that their image can be maintained.

Aircraft are very big business and they factor in a certain degree of failure. Yes, I believe that they balance up cost versus peoples’ lives; car companies do the same.

Although the series is interesting as I have an investigative mind, I believe that what they are doing is trying to soften up the public’s perception of the air crashes.

They produce this series through a Canadian production company but that is so very easy to do.

I stopped watching the series a while ago as it depressed me but what I noted was that Boeing were NEVER HELD TO BLAME  for what happened.

After all, they have the American governmental air crash investigation overseers (the NTSB) in their pocket 

Yet again, it is all about money

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