What I really fear

As every reader of this blog will know, I had an horrendous experience with the Police before, due to those false allegations that were thrown out by the Police.

Even though they were thrown out, my home was violated by many police officers and all of my possessions were searched and strewn around, including the three sealed boxes with Liesel’s possessions in them. I have been burgled before, many years ago; in fact my first home but it was a smash and grab and they got away with nothing, most of the house was untouched. Men do not tend to worry too much about such things but women do, especially because I am at home all of the time,as are some of them. I too felt incredibly violated.

I strongly believe that this was all caused by a masonic conspiracy between my father and the police, with my daughter making the actual allegations for which there was absolutely no basis whatsoever.

What I really fear is this. As my father’s illness takes over more of his mind, if he is allowed to walk around “freely” without being housed in a suitable facility, his aggression to me will intensify; there is no doubt in this.

When I emailed all of the family to say that I was going to phone social services to try and get my father into a suitable home, I shortly after received a call from a “policeman”; how he got my number is still anyone’s guess but he clearly got it from my family. This is what he said

“If you call social services, I will arrange to get you arrested”

He was very aggressive and I wish I had taped it but you do not have a tape machine by the phone, now do you? It just goes to show the masonic and police influences that there are over the family matters.

There was no reason for him to call as I was just bloody worried about him and I wanted him to curtail the campaign against me. Obviously, my father or brother had “made a call” and what I have described above is what transpired. 

They just protect their own, REGARDLESS of the consequences. I find it quite sickening and insidious.

If I manage to get off this wretched island and I am in a new home, if what I fear happens and I am yet again wrongly arrested and my new home trashed, as it was before, that home will just become a house, as Sanctuary Cottage has become now.

I renamed it Sanctuary Cottage for a reason. It was to be my sanctuary from all of the horrible events that have affected my life but what I fear is that if I am given the opportunity to start afresh, history will just repeat itself and I will effectively be back to “square one”.

The trouble is that with all of his “special friends” and family shielding my father, I do not know how I am going to protect myself from false arrest and the horrors that will follow; this time, I could end up in jail. The masonic influence is a powerful and dangerous one.

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