My father forced the trustees to pay my brother more; much more

I was given the accounts of the trust by Clare Edwards some time ago as I had demanded them. Apart from the treatment of the payments to the children, I did not really take much notice, as it is so easy to fudge accounts.

But, whilst compiling the notes for my letter to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority, I noticed that there was a funny entry in the last two years of accounts that I received.

To cut a long story short, my brother was paid an extra £295,000 one year and a further £300,000 in the year that followed, being for the year ended 31st Match 2016. That means that for those years, my brother actually received THREE times the income that I received.

The trustees are supposed to treat the beneficiaries equally, something that I know not to be true and this proves it.

My father did control the trustees and all of their actions WERE at my father’s behest. The trustees have thus yet again failed in their duty to protect the assets of the trust by granting unnecessary dividends to a man who is wealthy enough already.

My cousin recounted a comment by my brother, Martin, that was repeated by my father and that was…..


It just goes to show that Paicolex Trust Management AG are NOT independent from my father who should have nothing to do with the trust or their decision making and, as such, they have failed me together with future beneficiaries of the Hender Family Settlement when my brother and I die.

Both Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex Trust Management AG should be held accountable for this fundamental breach of duty of care to the beneficiaries, excluding my brother of course.

The settlement is not just my father’s private piggy bank but is a source of totally unjustifiable levels of income for my brother, Martin.

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