What I believe to be right

The reason that I fight and continue to fight is this:

Yes, I have a roof over my head, something that many people do not have and I am thankful for that; but it is not a home.

The fact that it is not a home is due to this. Nearly three years ago now, I was arrested; I had not been arrested before. The reason was that they suspected that I had been abusing my daughter but, if they had talked to me first, as they did for Cliff Richard, they would have quickly ascertained that there was simply no way that I abused my daughter; I had not even seen her for 9 months and had been off the mainland for about 5.

But they did not do that. Instead they violated my home and trashed the place looking for goodness knows what.

It took me 3 months of hard work to give them the evidence that I simply could not have done what Verity said that I did.

All of that was the final straw.

I had lost my sole mate to brain cancer, I had lost my Mum and I had lost my precious daughter.

On top of that, I have had to fight my father’s decisions over my life, implemented by the trustees.

My father’s behaviour was bad after my Mum died and I noticed a sea change in his attitude to me but this got worse and worse, as his Alzheimer’s took a hold of him.

I told the trustees about my father’s illness but did they listen; no, they just ignored me and said that he was fine to run a multi million pound trust. What stupidity.

Blind loyalty to my father and to the money that he controlled drove them all to that decision and so I started to go after everyone. The trustees, Paicolex Trust Management AG and the law firm that owned it, Berwin Leighton Paisner but both have hidden behind a wall of silence.

I have used this blog to embarrass all of them, my father, my daughter and the rest of my family 

I was so tied up with my blog over the weekend that I never finished the letter to the SRA, The Solicitors Regulation Authority and I will also copy in the Law Society to cause the maximum embarrassment to all of those who have ignored me and, as professional lawyers, should have done so much more.

In fact, they have done absolutely nothing to further my cause and have even taken decisions, as the trustees, to counter any requests that would have improved my life.

It is a very sad thing to have to say but my whole family have been an absolute disgrace, with Martin, my brother, backing my father to the hilt, as it is in his financial interests to do so. By doing so, it has made him a very wealthy man.

It is a quiet day today for me and so I will have time to completely rewrite the letter to the SRA, a letter that I will publish on my blog, as I am quite sure that all of my complaints will be swept under the carpet by the SRA.

Apart from me, there have been casualties in my quest for fairness and the truth. Thomas Meier was a representative of the trustees, a corporate entity, but he became the fall guy after I complained about a fundamental breach in the trustees’ fiduciary duties of care. That was a great shame as I really liked Thomas but I was sadly left with no choice and I gave Berwin Leighton Paisner no choice either.


Some people will accuse me of being a very angry man.

To them, I say this. Damn right I am angry. All of your decisions are based on money, power and influence.

Put yourself in my shoes; would you not be bloody angry too?

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