What I believe to be right – PART TWO

When I was brought up, I was taught to treat everyone fairly but I have not been treated fairly by the so called professionals, my family or the Police.

As to my arrest and what happened subsequently, anyone with more than an ounce of grey matter would realise that what was done was not fair or right and the actions of the Police just do not make any sense AND WERE TOTALLY UNJUSTIFIED.

  • Why did I not have an interview prior to my arrest?
  • Why did they not search or take away my car when that was where I was supposed to have abused my daughter?
  • Why did my copy of the interview DVD disappear?
  • Why weren’t my Police complaints upheld?
  • Why have they never talked to me since my arrest?
  • What are they hiding?
  • Why were my claims of bribery by my father so quickly dismissed?
  • Why did that police officer phone me and said that if I called social services, as I was concerned about my father’s welfare, I would be arrested?

It is quite clear to me that the police conspired with my father, with him using his masonic links to the police and that the allegations were either made up to put me away in prison or were done for money or both.

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