Leon Du Toit Stoffberg of redacted

Leon was my boss when I joined Premium Credit and we worked very well together; I respected him and his advice as he is a very clever man.

However, Leon never really “forgave” my father for employing him and had a chip on his shoulder and he took it out on me.

I am the first person to own up to my own mistakes but I was blamed for mistakes due to the fact that my team was small and the company was expanding quickly. I was not allowed to increase my staff numbers as it was just a cost and nothing else.

I was never a 9 to 5 man and took pride in my work. I had an important job to do and so I did the hours.

I was thrown right in the deep end when I started doing the management buy out and had to try and bring my father’s old department, which was still paper based into the 20th century and to try and automate it. I was expected to waive a magic wand and to fix it all. I took a great deal of grief from the auditors as a result, as we were now a stand alone company, whereas before, the company was a small cog in a very large wheel and problems with my father’s accounts were not so important but they were now.

So, I got blamed for mistakes that I tried my best to resolve and, due to the time that I spent at work, it cost me my marriage.

As I was supposed to get a massive income when the company was sold, my salary was kept artificially low as were my bonuses and when it came to me leaving because of my breakdown, I was given compensation equating to roughly 5 years salary and I was still in my 30s. I was told by my doctors that I could never work for anyone again

When I found out about the fraud being carried out by Leon’s  brother in law, I was threatened with the sack if I could not prove it. The fraud was genuine and even my father, who had retired for good, was brought into investigate; millions of losses had been hidden away.

If it had been anyone else other than Leon’s brother in law, they would have been sacked and walked out of the door but it was all brushed under the carpet for one reason and one reason only; Leon feared his sister and his brother in law stayed and went on to make millions in the sale.

When Leon was going to leave and during my long overdue holiday, there was a procession of people into his office, chatting him up and flouting their “bits” and they got what they wanted. (I was told this on my return by my assistant, Kate)

When I returned, the new chairman called me in and blamed me for all of these flash and inappropriate cars but I was not even there!!!!!!!

He put someone in between him and I and Garrod treated me like a lackie. I did four reports justifying extra staff but he refused every single time. Then I snapped because I was trying to take up all of the slack and my career was over, a career that I had worked for since I was 20. I was off for a year and then my psychiatrist said that I could never work for anyone ever again

I can tell which country people are visiting my blog from and there has been a massive jump in South African interest. I suspect that Leon has travelled from Spain to visit his family and Berwin Leighton have contacted him to see what I have written and to determine what danger there is as he, as well as my father and his brother in law, evaded either UK tax or South African tax and for Leon, that is tens of millions of pounds

I have been “shat on” by my bosses, I have been “shat on” by my father and all of my family, including the family trust (that’s a joke) and I have been “shat on” by the Police over totally false and unevidenced allegations

I will not stand for it anymore. I am going for the jugular

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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