From little acorns

I have a company called Hender Technology Limited. It is an old company that was used  for another purpose and has not traded for nearly 7 years.

It was tax filing time and so I went onto the tax website and did what I thought was right. Then I got a £100 penalty from HMRC saying that I had not filed a return.

HMRC are great at this; they hand these penalty notices out like confetti, whether they are deserved or not. People tend to just pay them as it is not a great deal of money and it saves the hassle of appealing; that is what the HMRC banks on.

I did everything that was expected of me but still got the penalty notice. Anyone who knows me at all will know that I do not stand for such shit from anyone, especially the tax man. HMRC made the mistake of delogging my income tax return two or three years ago so that effectively it had not existed and then issued me with a penalty notice for late filing of my return. They had waited until months after my submission to write to me and by that time, according to the computer, I had failed to file my return on time. Very clever and I knew exactly what they did.

But once bitten, twice shy and so I appealed against the penalty on the company, which I might add, has not a penny to its name.

I wrote a stonking letter to them (even if I say so myself) and, last week, received a revised notice with nothing to pay. Yesterday, I received a letter from the HMRC fraud department and they have asked for full details of these evasions; so the different departments of HMRC do talk to one another after all!

If I give them details of both at the same time, they will naturally zero in on the big one committed by my father and ignore the one carried out by Martin; that is no good to me.

I am just as interested in them going after Martin as going after my father, even more so, as he let me down so badly over so much and he must pay, as loss of money is the only thing that will affect Martin, as he loves it so much.

Once they have charged Martin for fines and penalties plus the evaded tax of course, I will then hand them my father on a plate and will relish standing up in court as a witness for the prosecution.

After all, I have absolutely nothing to lose anymore, have I? All of the family, together with my father’s lackies have made damn sure of that.

I will then hand them a “freebie”; the tax evasions carried out by my daughter, her mother (as she is LEGALLY responsible for Verity’s actions when she was a minor, as she had FULL custody) and her cousins. I do not deny that this freebie is calculated as I am using this as leverage to try and get Verity to open up to me

Below are the revised penalty notice, together with my letter to the appeals department of HMRC

appeal-against-penalty-1st-feb-2019 edited to remove personal details

revised penalty notice

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