Women just want it their own way, always

In the Guardian series, there is an “off and on” relationship going with the son and another lawyer. They found out that their child had down’s syndrome and it was decided that they would set up a trust fund to cater for the special needs of the child.

The woman suggested some money but the man decided that there should be more in it and agreed to pay for the lot.

When it came down to the specifics, the woman decided that she wanted to be the sole trustee whilst the man wanted to be a co trustee.

She refused saying that she may have to make decisions quickly. He, reluctantly, agreed but said that he wanted an agreement that they would have joint custody. She refused.

It is so like when I was going through my first divorce. Verity’s mother wanted all of the money but she was not prepared to have joint custody, as doing so would have taken away the control that she had over me with regards to Verity’s welfare and the time that I spent with my daughter, which was not a great deal sadly.


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