When a lie gets too much

A friend once told me that “truth is like sunshine, it always comes out in the end

I am watching a series called “The Guardian”. It revolves around the son of the founder of a corporate law firm and actually, although “Hollywood”, has a great many meaningful episodes.

I have watched a particular episode, which goes into the “dealings” of a colleague of the son, who is also a lawyer but is a closet homosexual.

I have no issues with homosexuals; in fact one of my best buddies at my first accountancy firm was gay but I never realised it until much later. In fact, the rest of the firm thought that I was gay too.

This situation with this gay chap has been brewing for many weeks and it is slowly coming to a head.

He went around to a motel, known for gays, to be picked up but instead of being picked up, he was raped and mugged.

As a lawyer, the mugging became known to the firm and he finally told the boss what had happened but not the gay part, just the rape and the mugging.


The Police got involved and the officer knows what happened but cannot prove it. A plea deal was struck with the rapist but this gay chap threatened him with his life, after buying a gun and forced him to back out of the plea deal.

This story line  has a long way to go yet but is an illustration of what lies can do.

Take my situation. Verity has lied and it has got so out of control that she finds that there is no way back. Rather than facing the truth and being honest with people, she is prepared to continue to live a lie and is prepared to continue to see my life in ruins.


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