Why Murdoch mysteries succeeds and ABC canned the original Dr Blake mysteries and engineered the FALSE ALLEGATIONS against Craig Mclaughlan (AMENDED)

You all know that I watch a great deal of television; I have no wish to do anything else now apart from eat and sleep, thanks to what my so called daughter did to me.

I watch both series and both should be commended for their attention to detail. The Murdoch Mysteries are somewhat quirky but there you go.

The reason that Murdoch succeeds where Blake failed is very simple. In Murdoch, there are plenty of very pretty women, whom I am sure are all accomplished actresses but there are far fewer in Blake, as that series is PROPERLY period specific, where there are fewer women in the Police. Furthermore, in Dr Blake, the writers have ensured that a lot of women get found guilty, whilst in Murdock, most get away scot free, after making a pretty smile.

Basically, The Murdoch Mysteries pander to the current female gender bias (look at the end of this post)

I am pretty sure that I know when the decision started to be made to can the original Blake format and that was when Cate Wolfe left the series. As far as the executives were concerned, it had now become “unbalanced”

It is no accident that Blake’s “girlfriend”, Nadine Gardner, now heads the newly formatted series.

Of course, once a decision was made, they had to get rid of Craig Mclaughlan. In the current environment of gender bias, that was pretty easy. Just pay some actresses to accuse Craig of inappropriate behaviour,  make it look as though ABC were behind him, by dismissing the false allegations but then cancel his contract.

That way ABC have saved millions of Aussie dollars in having to break Craig’s contract, wait a while and then reinvent the series with a greater female gender bias.

Actors and actresses leave all the time from series; that is true but to reformat a Dr Blake series into one that is now headed by a housekeeper, Nadine Gardner, just does not make any sense. Is she going to suddenly turn into a sleuth?

I am sure that Ms Gardner knew what was going to happen all along.

And when the allegations made by those actresses are wholly disproved, what will be the repercussions on them?

I can tell you now. Absolutely nothing whilst Craig’s career is in tatters.

It is so similar to when the Police, NOT ME, threw out the case against me.

What happened to the FALSE accuser, my daughter? Absolutely nothing. She just carries on partying.

What happened to me, the innocent party? My life was destroyed

That is why I say that the justice system, worldwide, is completely biased and fucked


I have just watched another Murdoch.  Two murders. The woman killed Dr Ogden’s father and there was another murder carried out by a man.  The woman was let off on her own word whilst the murderer was a bespectacled man.

Take the new Rush series (series 2, episode 9)

One car pulls out of a garage and gets away from the police. Next car was stopped and just had to be a left hooker with a blonde in the passenger seat.

One of the stars just happens to be a lesbian; absolutely nothing wrong with that but all of this is


And surprise surprise the two lesbians, one of whom was a Police officer, got caught in a road race

and all she could say was “sorry” to her boss and she got away scot free 

and all covered up by her fellow officers; POLICE CORRUPTION EVERYWHERE

and the boss, who just happens to be a woman, lied in court when she had ran over a bike rider whilst being on her mobile got away scot free as well

and what does it end with? the boss, Kerry, getting off with the brother of the dead bike rider

In just goes on and on and on; it is like an insidious virus

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