My father is and has always been CORRUPT

I have always looked up to my father, even when we have disagreed.

I saw him build up his first company, General Guarantee Corporation, which was part of the GUS empire.

He always waxed lyrical about how he got the attention of the then owner of GUS, the late Sir Isaac Wolfson.

My father was working for what is now PWC and was asked by Sir Isaac to go in and rescue his investment from a failing company. My father went in and collected money for Sir Isaac, which he kept in a suitcase under his bed.

Why under the bed? Well, what my father was actually doing was to “prefer” Sir Isaac’s investment above all other creditors and so it could not be put in a bank. He BROKE THE LAW.

Sir Isaac got ALL of his money back and was so impressed that he invited my father to start up General Guarantee Corporation or GGC for short.

Using the money of GUS, he built up one of the then largest hire purchase companies in the UK. To get business, which was mainly for cars, he did deals with the dodgy car dealers and so his corruption continued.

He was so successful that he ended up on the main board of GUS as group finance director. GUS and GGC got bigger and they did deals with all sorts of people, one of them being Wells Fargo bank to start up a charge card company for fleets of motor vehicles to buy fuel. It was quite successful for a while but then got into trouble and so my father was put in charge of the sale.

Sir Isaac had retired by then and had been replaced by Lord Leonard Wolfson, his cousin, who is now also dead.

The deal to sale this fuel card company, called Overdrive, went sour and my father was blamed for it by Wolfson. Whether it was his fault or not, I do not know but such was the scale of the blame, he snapped and drove back from London with a flat tyre, not knowing what had happened.

He was now a broken man and was put in the Priory. After a while, I was permitted to bring him home at weekends. He always loved driving but his nerves were completely shot and nearly went through the roof when a car pulled out of a side road and I had to slam on the breaks.

My mother and I cared for him at weekends. I have no idea where Martin was but he was always absent, a position that he took time and time again when there was a family crisis, even when later on, my mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s and my father from a heart condition.

Years passed and he recovered, to an extent anyway. I do not believe that he was ever the same again.

Then this offer came along to start up Premium Credit but as a consultant. PC grew and grew and for reasons that are unimportant, a management buy out was planned. I remember them all toasting each other in London when the deal was done, as all of them had become rich men, very rich.

Ignoring the other participants, when the sale to a third party would be made, my father would become even richer but he did not want to pay any capital gains tax when that happened. It was also a useful tool to protect that money from inheritance tax if he died suddenly.

The management buy out scheme was set up to ensure that my father’s interests were put in a trust so that the UK tax man could not touch it. He basically asked the lawyers, Berwin Leighton Paisner to set up a tax evasion scheme and so more illegal corruption.

When Premium Credit was finally sold to a third party, in this case, MBNA, over  FIFTEEN MILLION POUNDS came my father’s way and was stuck in the trust.


Roll on a few years and we are where we are now. My father always denied that he was a Freemason but this is untrue. He used his masonic connections in a great deal of his business dealings and is now using those connections to stiffle any investigation into the abuse of my daughter.

Whether he will actually face justice is one matter but there are other factors to consider, primarily the welfare of my daughter and I do not think that she could bring herself to go through all of that again.

She loves her granddad and has just seen the “loving” performance that he has put on, not knowing what he is REALLY like or what he has done.

I do still love my father; I guess it is a “nurturing” thing  that cannot be broken but one thing is for sure……….


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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